Ep 29. Change your Relationship with Alcohol and Watch your Whole World Change with One Year No Beer Founder, Ruari Fairbairns

As a father of two was only shocked into transforming his life after his heartbroken wife Jen told him she’d had enough of his drink-fueled bad behavior and bought a one-way ticket back to her native Sweden.

Ruari not only stopped ­drinking but joined forces with a friend to start a support movement called One Year No Beer, which helps others give up alcohol and focus on more positive things in their lives. The movement now has over 70,000 members and a 95% success rate. Ruari and the One Year No Beer movement is changing lives around the world and check out OneYearNoBeer.com to learn more.


Ep 28. The Laws of Parenting with Tom Spiggle, Founder of Spiggle Law

When I heard Tom Spiggle‘s story of taking a career risk by starting his own law firm in order to gain control of his time and to be able to be there for his kids I knew he had to be on the show. Tom has a healthy and fresh perspective on fatherhood and parenting. Through his law firm, Tom is an advocate for parents who have suffered discrimination in the workplace. Tom has four children and for that reason spends a great deal of time at the firm he founded in 2009. When he had fewer children and more time, Tom managed to graduate with honors from the Georgetown University Law School, clerk for a judge, work at several private law firms and serve as an Assistant United States Attorney.