Ep 35. Baseball is Back and so is Intentional Fatherhood with Michael Turner

My guest Michael Turner is a Navy veteran who has served our country around the world, giving him a unique perspective on life and culture. His backstory is one that includes fatherlessness as he was born and raised in a not so nice area of Los Angeles and never knew his biological father. However, Michael overcame the adversity in his early life by earning a college scholarship, worked full-time to put himself through law school, becoming a Harvard Business School alum. When Michael’s two daughters were toddlers, he looked for a book about dads, daughters, and our national pastime.  There weren’t any.  So, he wrote one, called “Baseball is Back”.  The book is a love letter to his girls and baseball, purchased by the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies. It’s received great reviews, including from Major League Baseball’s book blog, and can be purchased on Amazon at Baseball is Back.