Daddy Saturday

About us

"Hey Dad, what's the
plan for Saturday?"

As a father of four children with an entrepreneurial wife who worked almost every Saturday, I quickly found myself alone, overwhelmed and outnumbered on Saturdays. I woke up one Saturday ready to make a change and armed with a game plan to engage my children in an intentional way. A trampoline, a GoPro, and 500 water balloons resulted in an incredible day with my children and I knew I was on to something special. My kids began asking on Wednesday, “Hey Dad, what’s the plan for Saturday?”. One particular morning my second son Mason asked, “Dad, what are we doing for Daddy Saturday?” and I knew in the moment that was it! What started out in those early Saturdays has evolved over time to become more than just our family. The Daddy Saturday platform has turned into a movement to help fathers around the globe be intentional and engaged with their children in order to change the next generation and end fatherlessness. Thank you for being “All-In” on fatherhood and joining us on this adventure to make the world a better place… one Daddy Saturday at a time.

For Fathers,

About Justin Batt

Justin Batt aims to disrupt fatherhood with intentionality, by creating intentional fathers who raise good kids who become great adults. He founded Daddy Saturday in his own backyard with his four children, and it’s grown into a national movement engaging fathers across multiple channels, including stadium events like the Fatherhood Festival, partnerships with groups like the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, NFL Alumni Association and national sponsors,  social media, the Daddy Saturday book, a mobile app that includes crypto, NFT’s and gamification, a podcast, coaching, speaking, and an international 501(c) (3) foundation, through which Justin plans to impact 10 million fathers in the next 10 years.

In addition, Justin is an associate publisher at Forefront Books and a successful serial entrepreneur, as well as a TEDx and international public speaker, a multi-published author, Spartan OCR racer, and farmer. Justin can be found helping his wife, Heather, run her bridal enterprise, spending time with his four children and working on True South Farm.

The crew

Hayden Olivia

Hayden Olivia is 14 and has created a platform called "Cowgirl Social" to help young girls know their worth and find their identity beyond the false narrative of culture and social media. She is pursuing Miss Teen TN and eventually Miss USA as a platform to communicate her message. She's an entrepreneur with her own e-commerce business, is actively pursuing her passion for music through voice and guitar lessons, and enjoys her animals on the farm.


Blane is passionate about sports and enjoys football, Spartan Kids races and playing outdoors. He also is an entrepreneur and is in the process of developing his retail e-commerce line of patches and stickers. Blane is a strong leader and his brothers and peers look up to and respect him for his character.


Mason is the thrill-seeker of the bunch. He comes across as quiet and collected but is always the first to jump in line for a roller coaster or adrenaline opportunity. He also enjoys football, Spartan Kids races, cross country and working on the farm.


Easton is the wild-man of the group. He has the moves and can be seen dancing to a beat in both private and public spaces. He plays football, runs Spartan Kids races, cross country, and likes to race his RC cars.