The Fatherhood Satisfaction Assessment

How satisfied are you with your current level of fatherhood?

The Fatherhood Satisfaction Assessment has been developed by fatherhood authorities, Dr. Ken Canfield, founder of The National Center for Fathering and Justin Batt, founder of Daddy Saturday and author of the book Daddy Saturday. The Fatherhood Satisfaction Assessment has been designed to help fathers obtain feedback on their level of satisfaction with their current state of fatherhood. Recognize that fathering is a creative, complex and challenging occupation! Be honest with yourself as you take the assessment and don’t be too hard on yourself as you review the results if you are not where you want to be. This assessment will give you a reference point of where you are today and by engaging with the Daddy Saturday community we can help get you to where you are destined to be. Your results are strictly confidential.


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How many children, by age, currently live in your household?