Privacy Policy

Daddy Saturday Privacy Policy

Daddy Saturday, an IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (“Daddy Saturday,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), has implemented this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) because we know that you are concerned about how we use and share the information that you provide. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the information you send to us in connection with your access to and/or use of our website, (the “Website”), and, if applicable, to our mentorship, Daddy Saturday (“Daddy Saturday”), as the organizer of your local chapter or membership. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of information we receive from you, how we use and handle that information, and our legal basis for doing so via the Website and/or through Daddy Saturday. It also includes when and how you will share your information and your rights and choices over the information you provide us with.

You are assumed to have read, acknowledged, enacted, and bound by this Privacy Policy by visiting and using the Website or engaging in Daddy Saturday, including, without limitation, the information collection, usage, and disclosure practices mentioned herein. The Terms of Use regulate this Privacy Policy, which contains both warranty disclaimers and liability limits. The respective definitions applied to such words in terms of Use are capitalized terms used but not specified in this Privacy Policy.

The Website is designed for general audiences; however, we intend and aim to adhere to the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), which was established by Congress to protect the privacy of children under the age of thirteen (13) (i.e., twelve (12) years of age or younger) (“Children,” and each, a “Child”) online. Thus we do not intentionally gather details. We have also implemented the Children’s Privacy Policy set out after this Privacy Policy, in compliance with COPPA. The Children’s Privacy Policy points out where and what data we obtain from children, how we use it, and with whom we share it. In the Children’s Privacy Policy, we further define our system of acquiring verified parental consent as required by statute (‘Parental Consent’) from parents or legal guardians of children. If you are a Child (meaning you are twelve (12) years old or younger) or are a parent/legal guardian of a Child, you will be entitled to the terms of this General Privacy Policy; except that the terms of the Children’s Privacy Policy prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the terms of this General Privacy Policy and the terms of the Children’s Privacy Policy.

Please visit the Children’s Privacy section of the FTC website at for more information about COPPA and a child’s right to online privacy. Your privacy is something we legitimately worry about. 

Information We Collect and Receive

  • Personal data. Details that may be specifically linked to you or used to contact or identify you without the assistance of additional information, including, without limitation, information that you provide to us in connection with a User Application, Verification/Consent Information that you provide to us, and any other identifying information that you provide to us in connection with other Daddy Saturday Communications;
  • Usage Information.

Information that is not Personal Information, but that relates to your usage of the Website, or that is necessary for the proper functioning or improvement of the Website, including:

  1. Times and dates and the extent of your usage of the Website
  2. Time zone, language, screen resolution, and other user preferences you select when using the Platform
  3. Device keyboard settings
  4. Usage history, including the areas and pages you view and/or use inside a website and/or which website buttons you click on
  5. You type in search words on the web
  6. A URL or ad where you might have visited the website
  7. The search terms you entered into a search engine or app store that may have led you to the Website
  8. The mobile platform or service provider you use
  9. Other device and Website access information such as your browser type, operating system, IP address, referring/exit pages, and other unique device identifiers

Daddy Saturday Communications. 

Details that you willingly send to us through some Daddy Saturday emails, such as sending us feedback or questions when you request help, reporting an issue to us, telling us something cool, or otherwise interacting in conjunction with your Daddy Saturday involvement. 

Third-Party Information.  

Details that we can collect from third parties about you. For example, per a co-marketing deal, we can supplement those data that we receive from you with outside records, or third parties may provide us with information about you. 

While some forms of the information listed above are typically non-identifying on a standalone basis, such as User Information and Third Party Information, we can combine this information with other information gathered on the Website as described above in some cases. We would treat that combined information as personal information if we ever mix non-identifying information with personal information or other information that makes it possible for you to be identified. Currently, we do not use your sensitive details for automatic decision-making that has ethical implications on you, which has a similarly important influence on you. 

European Union Users 

European Union data protection law requires a “lawful basis” to collect and retain Personal Information from citizens or residents of the European Economic Areas. Our legal basis for the data collection is allowed under Article 6, Sections 1(a), 1(b), 1(c), and 1(f) of the EU general data protection regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), which are summarized below.

  • Consent: In certain cases, you have affirmatively provided us with your consent to collect your Personal Information for a specific purpose, such as providing your email address in connection with a User Application to receive Daddy Saturday Communications or to contact you regarding your creating a chapter of, and/or participating in, Daddy Saturday.
  • Contract: We may need your Personal Information to comply with our contractual obligation to deliver the Website and/or Daddy Saturday services, such as fulfilling any future services or transactions that may arise in connection therewith.
  • Legal Obligations: In certain cases, we can gather and use your personal data by regulation.
  • Legitimate Interests: This is a technical term that means we have a good and fair reason to use your Personal Information, and we do so in ways that do not harm your interests and rights, such as to pursue our legitimate interests in a way that might reasonably be expected as part of running our business and that does not materially impact your rights, freedom, or interests. For example, we (i) use details on identification, devices, and location information to avoid website exploitation and maintain stable website security, (ii) may also send you promotional communications about our Website and services subject to your right to opt-out, and (iii) Analyze how you engage with our site to identify what elements function or not, what services/functionalities may be needed or desirable to provide you with the best website user experience and to ensure the security of the platform which enables us to improve and develop the quality of the online experience we offer to all our users.

Social Media Plug-ins 

We can use some social media plug-ins (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to encourage you to connect with those services and interact with different content on the website (e.g., “like” or “comment”). When introduced, a social media plug-in would allow for direct communication with the relevant social media platform between your end-user system and the servers so that you can access the respective social media provider and gather information about yourself by visiting our website. This processing is based on Article 6, Section 1(f) of GDPR and is of legitimate interest to enhance the website’s experience and reliability. If you wish to use a social media plug-in that we use on the website, we will transfer your personal information to the relevant social media provider, whether or not you have a registered user account. Please note that we do not take responsibility for the content or data storage of third parties’ websites or software and do not monitor or realize the processing intent or time your Personal Information would be held, the depth of the personal information obtained by a supplier’s plug-ins. For further information about how and for what purpose certain social network providers process your data, please see the three main social network providers policies (although note this list is not exhaustive) and their notices when you connect to the social network concern. 

  • Facebook Inc

  • Twitter Inc.

  • YouTube LLC 

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies 

We may use cookies, for example, to track your best interest and account profile information or to conduct certain retargeting practices that we think will increase your user experience and the efficacy and functionality of the App and some services and features offered therein. Furthermore, cookies are used to gather general use and volume statistical details, which do not contain personal data. We can also use a third-party service to place cookies on your machine to gather statistical data on usage of the Site to collect non-personally identifiable information.

These cookies are not your pantry sweets. Cookies are tiny bits of information saved on your computer’s hard drive as text files on a web browser. Initially, cookies are accepted in the majority of Internet browsers. You can set to refuse cookies on your browser’s settings; however, by doing so, you might not be able to access or use parts of the platform, or some of the platform services may not work as intended. Some browsers have “do not track” features that allow the browser to block the website from tracking you. These features are not all uniform. Some functions on the Platform may not work when you block cookies. Not all the tracking described herein stops if you block or reject cookies. Please note that there are browser and device-specific options that you can select. 

A more detailed list of cookies that can be used or used by us today or in the future is as follows:

  • Security: We secure a website with cookies that facilitate security features and allow us to detect activities, such as unauthorized access or activity, that could violate our rules and Terms of Use.
  • Localization: We use certain cookies for providing localized experiences, including the website’s display of your local language.
  • Website Features and Services: Certain cookies allow the Website to have more functionality and help us deliver our products and services.
  • Performance: We use performance cookies to route traffic between servers and understand how the website performs to give users the best experience.
  • Analytics and Research: We use certain cookies and other technology to understand better, enhance and analyze features and contents, such as Google Analytics, from which you can opt-out {}.
  • Marketing and Online Behavioral Advertising: We might use cookies to help us deliver targeted advertising on the platform, through web browsers and social media platforms and track their performance. In certain situations, our partners may also use cookies to inform us, where appropriate, about your interactions. These third-party cookies will be subject to the privacy policy of such third-party providers. The Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising offers consumers the choice to opt-out their behavior of being recorded and used for advertising. Visit {} to opt-out of having your online behavior collected for advertising purposes.

Web Beacons 

Our website may contain Web Beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs), used to compile aggregated statistics to evaluate how the website is used together with cookies.

We use third parties to obtain information about how you and others use the Website. For example, we will know how many users have visited a certain page and what web content they have interacted on. To understand and optimize how the Site is used, we use that gathered information. 

Limit or Block cookies and Our Do Not Track Policy. 

Your browser may have the ability to control cookies, which will also depend on the type of cookies. However, you might not be able to access most of the website by blocking or deleting cookies. Some features of the Web may not work if you block cookies. However, not all tracking listed here will stop if you block or reject cookies. Like various websites and online services, when we receive a “Track Do Not” sign from a browser, we do not alter our practices. Please visit to learn more about “Do Not Track.” Note that some of the choices are browser-specific and device-specific. 

How We Use the Information We Collect 

For the following reasons, we use the information we collect:

To recognize you and enhance or customize the site;

To protect and enhance security on our website;

To allow us to give you Daddy Saturday services website, 

enhance and promote our Website and other awesome services;

To respond to inquiries, request, questions, and feedback for customer service;

To give you the service and other information you asked for on the web and Daddy Saturday;

To provide the current leadership and Daddy Saturday coordinators with the contact details in which you expressed your interest;

To create a customization of such web content and to create a unique user interface on the site;

To engage in Daddy Saturday Communications with you;

To create a customization of such web content and to create a unique user interface on the site;

To track and evaluate the usage of the Website and our services, such as patterns, data analysis, and the effectiveness of our marketing and promotion services and other services;

To improve the user experience and efficiency of the website and Daddy Saturday services and its features;

To secure and uphold our terms and conditions of use and applicable law; and

To solicit feedback, reviews, and other information regarding your experience with the Website and/or Daddy Saturday, including, without limitation, concerning certain features and functionalities that you would like to see on the Website and/or for Daddy Saturday, or that we have recently rolled out;

To check new features, services, and features on the Web;

For other reasons that we deem necessary or otherwise defined by you at the time of collection to protect our rights and rights of other individuals. 

For market monitoring, project planning, troubleshooting, helping to identify and deter error, fraud, or other illegal activities, we may also use such data obtained on an aggregate or anonymized basis. 

How We Share the Information We Collect 

We may share aggregated usage information and may otherwise disclose non-Personal Information that we collect to third parties. However, absent to your prior consent, we will share your Personal Information with third parties only (i) to the extent you have granted us written permission to do so in each instance (such as sharing your name and email address with Daddy Saturday’s Leadership, or sharing your name and other requested information to a company sponsoring a “lunch and learn” event) or (ii) in the ways that are expressly described in this Privacy Policy, including as set forth below. Your Personal information will never be sold to any third party.  

In connection with the performance of our company and/or our site and/or Daddy Saturday operations, we can use third parties to outsource one or more aspects thereof (e.g., email, customer support, data processing, web review, maintenance, online publicity, security, execution of and clearing of services), in such cases, we can supply your personal data to such third parties. Such third parties shall use your Personal Data solely for the extent required to execute their duties and shall only process your Personal Data on our account and per our requests by consent. 

We also work (or will work in the future) on the provision of information on website traffic, including views of pages and content interacted with it, and on users’ behavior on accessing this site by network advertisers, ad agencies, and analytics service providers; to serve advertisements on other websites, within mobile apps and elsewhere online; and to provide us with information of the usage of the Website and the performance of our ads and other marketing strategies. Our service providers may collect information about your visits to the Site and other websites or services as well as about the activity on it and may use it to display targeted ads to you by setting up and accessing their own tracking technologies (including cookies and Web Beacons) on your device. Some of these parties may gather Personal Data while visiting the website or other online services. Per the services they provide, we can also share some non-personal details with these parties.

If we undergo reorganization, are sold to, merged with, or sell all of our substantial assets, any personal information about you that we have collected may be transferred, per the applicable law, to the reorganized entity or third party.

In the unlikely event of our Insolvency, bankruptcy, reorganizing, acquiring, or assigning for the benefits of the creditor, or the application of laws or equitable principles affecting creditors’ rights generally, we may not be able to control how your Personal Information is treated, transferred, or used.

To prevent illegal uses, increase user numbers, development, engineer, and analysis of information, or for our internal business purposes, we will also communicate your information with any member, subsidiary, parent, or affiliate of our corporate group only for the purposes mentioned above. We also reserve the right, in addition to the above. You hereby allow us to share or report (including, without restriction, law enforcement agencies, public officials, government departments, or other related organizations) the information we receive, including your Personal Information and any other information, documents, or electronic correspondence of any sort, whenever we deem that information (in our sole discretion), that the disclosure of such information is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against you if: 

You are or may violate the Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy;

You interfere with the rights or property of our or any third party;

You violate any applicable law, rule, or regulation;

Any applicable law, rule, or regulation necessary or required by it, including a subpoena or similar legal process or request/order;

Protecting our rights, protecting your safety or the safety of others, investigating security, technological problems or fraud, or responding to a government request is necessary or needed for purposes of public importance; and/or/or Requested by government officials in the case of any local, regional or national emergency investigations, acts of terrorism or instances of emergency. 

Email Notifications and Opt-Out 

We just want to connect with you if you want to hear from us, such as when you subscribe to Daddy Saturday or respond to a User Application. When and when appropriate, we will also give you service-related announcements. We try to minimize emails and allow you to opt-out of any Daddy Saturday communications. 

We have a strict policy regarding no-spam. We will not use false or deceptive subjects or email addresses for all Daddy Saturday Communications, we will classify the message as an advertisement (if applicable) in a fair way, we will provide our company’s physical address, we will track our third-party email marketing services for compliance, we will quickly comply with opt-out/unsubscribe requests, and we will allow users to unsubscribe. If you have trouble unsubscribing, please contact us by sending the email communication and adding the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line to, and we will use appropriate efforts within seven (7) business days to remove you from our system. Please note that any unsubscribed requests sent as direct answers to any newsletter will not be processed. 

Links to Third-Party Websites and Services 

The website and some Daddy Saturday communications that you receive from us may include links to privacy practices of third-party content that may vary from Daddy Saturday’s privacy practices as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Daddy Saturday does not endorse any content or goods or services from third parties that they offer. The Privacy Policy and Data Processing Disclosures for such Third Party Content shall regulate, and you do so at your own risk when you press, communicate with, provide information to, or otherwise use a connection to, any Third Party Content. We recommend you read the privacy policy of all third-party content carefully, as it could vary significantly from this privacy statement. Daddy Saturday makes no claims or guarantees concerning Third Party Content’s privacy policy, nor is Daddy Saturday responsible for it. 

Data Storage and Retention 

In the United States or any other country where our agents and we maintain facilities, information obtained by us can be stored and processed. Using the Website, you fully agree to this kind of transfer and storage of information outside your country of residence where different and/or less strict data protection laws may be applicable. However, when exchanging your personal information with such countries, we will also aim to take appropriate steps to ensure an acceptable data security standard. 

Concerning any requirement to permanently store any information you can provide or otherwise obtain about you, we make no representation or guarantee. We aim to keep our data processing as minimal as possible concerning your personal details. We will only maintain the information we receive from or about you as long as needed to provide you with the Website or our services, which includes your active participation in Daddy Saturday for the period of, but may extend beyond, or as otherwise provided for in this Privacy Policy, and to the extent defined in this Privacy Policy and to the extent necessary to comply with our legal and/or statutory requirements. We may also retain indefinitely any aggregated, anonymized, or pseudonymized information that we may collect and preserve and pass or merge your offline collected information to our online databases from time to time or store offline information in an electronic format. You waive any allegations that might occur under your own or any other local or national laws, rules or regulations, or international treaties using the website and/or participating in Daddy Saturday and providing us with information (including personal information). This Privacy Policy extends to your information as long as your information is in our custody, even though your use of the website/participation in Daddy Saturday is terminated or discontinued. 

Cross-Border Data Transfers 

Daddy Saturday is headquartered in the United States, so your data is collected and stored in the United States, which has its own legislation controlling data security and access, even by the government. If you live outside the United States, please notice that the laws protecting your Personal Information under federal, state, and local laws of the United States can vary from those of your home country. 

Your Rights Regarding Your Information 

You have the right, under certain cases, to access the personal information we keep about you and to correct, amend or order your personal information to be removed. We will ask you to verify your identity before fulfilling your request concerning your personal details before we can act upon your request. We can retain such information as needed by law or as appropriate for our legitimate business purposes, even after requesting that we remove your personal information.

More specifically, you have the following rights: 

The right to require free of charge (i) confirmation of whether we process your Personal Information and (ii) access to a copy of the Personal Information retained;

The right to request that your personal information be properly rectified, removed, or restricted;

Where the processing of your Personal Information is either based on your consent or required for the execution of a contract with you and the processing is carried out through automated means, the right to obtain the Personal Information, Information relating to you in a standardized, widely used and machine-readable format or to have your Personal Information transmitted directly to another company where technically required; Where the processing of your Personal Information is based on your consent, you shall have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without impacting the data processing activities carried out prior to such withdrawal or any other current legal justification for the processing activity involved; Where the processing of your Personal Information is based on your consent, you shall have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without impacting the data processing activities carried out prior to such withdrawal or to any other current legal justification for the processing activity involved;  

If we process your personal information based on our legitimate interests, you can object at any time to the processing of your personal information. A detailed overview of our manufacturing processes and the legal justification can be found herein. We ask you to state the reasons for your opposition if you object to such processing so that we can review the processing of your personal information and determine whether to change the processing accordingly. 


Your information’s security is of great importance to us, and we take action to ensure that your data is managed safely and in compliance with this Privacy Policy. While we will do our best to protect your Personal Information through encryption, for example, we cannot guarantee the protection of your information transmitted through the Website or in connection with Daddy Saturday Communications; any transmission is at your own risk.

To protect the information, both during processing and after we receive it, and to keep that information confidential (unless it is non-confidential by nature, for example, publicly accessible information) and free from any unwanted alteration, we follow generally accepted industry standards. However, no form of data transmissions, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secured, and the nature of security risks is constantly changing, as are the standards of the technological and organizational industry for handling those risks. Although we intend to maintain our current security systems and evaluate, improve and update our security system, as we consider necessary, based on new tools that may become available in the future, it is therefore difficult to claim the absolute and complete security of any information obtained, stored or used by us. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized third party breaches our security measures, we would not be liable for any direct or indirect harm caused by the ability of an unauthorized third party to access, use or disseminate such information. We recommend contacting us immediately if you ever notice any inaccuracies in our data or if your personal information changes.

You can email us at if you have any concerns about security on our website. 

California Users 

Under California Civil Code Section 1798.83, California consumers are entitled to request information about whether a company has disclosed personal information to any third party for such third parties’ direct marketing purposes. As explained elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell or transfer your personal information to any third-party companies for direct marketing purposes without your consent. California customers who want to request more information about our compliance with this requirement or who have more general concerns about our privacy policy and our consumer and website user privacy responsibilities can contact us at 

Sweepstakes, Contests, and Promotions 

Via the website (any “Promotion”) which may require registration, we may offer sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions. By participating in a Promotion, you agree to the official rules regulating that Promotion, which may include your specific requirements, including allowing the sponsor(s) of the Promotion, except where prohibited by law, to use your name, voice, appearance, or any other person’s identity in advertising or marketing associated with the Promotion. If you choose to participate in a Promotion, your Personal Details may be revealed to third parties or the public in connection with the administration of such Promotion, including, without limitation, the selection of the winner, the fulfillment of the award, and as provided by law or allowed by the official rules of the Promotion, such as the list of the winners. 

Updates to this Privacy Policy 

At our sole discretion, we can modify the terms of this Privacy Policy, including the Children’s Privacy Policy mentioned below, at any time. We will post certain web changes or send you an email if we make a material update. The most recent edition of this Privacy Policy’s effective date appears at the top of this list. There will never be a retroactive implementation of new versions of this Privacy Policy. We invite you to check this Privacy Policy occasionally for the latest details about our privacy practices. Your continued use of the website and/or involvement in Daddy Saturday shall automatically constitute your approval of such modifications until a change becomes effective. 


Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy should be submitted to by email. 


For Daddy Saturday, the privacy of children is of the utmost importance. Since Daddy Saturday may collect information connected with Daddy Saturday Communications from children (i.e., people under the age of thirteen (13)), we are committed to complying with COPPA. To explain what personal information we collect from children and how we use that data, we have adopted this Children’s Privacy Policy. We only collect personal information from children after obtaining parental consent, except as legally permitted under such restricted circumstances. In this Children’s Privacy Policy, we also explain how we obtain parental consent and generally describe parents/legal guardians’ rights concerning information about their children. Please be aware that this Children’s Privacy Policy is part of the general Privacy Policy of Daddy Saturday and incorporates all of its terms; given that the terms of the Children’s Privacy Policy would take precedence in the case of any discrepancy between the terms of this General Privacy Policy and the terms of the Children’s Privacy Policy. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise specified in this Children’s Privacy Policy shall, as appropriate, have the respective definitions assigned to those terms in the general Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use.

You always have the right to revoke your parental permission to our collection and use of your child’s personal data at any time as a parent/legal guardian. You can also access, study, change or delete personal details about your child by contacting us at Before taking any action connected with such a request, we reserve the right to make reasonable attempts to verify that you are the parent/legal guardian of the identified child. We will only store personal information for children as long as it is essential to perform the function for which we collected that data in the first place (i.e., to engage in Daddy Saturday Communications to which the Child opted-in with her Parental Consent). 

Information We Collect from Children and Why 

We only collect Child Verification/Consent Information (i.e., first name and last name initial, age verification information (i.e., date of birth) and parent/legal guardian email address) from children before obtaining parental consent (the procedure for which is further defined below), if appropriate. To decide if we must obtain parental consent and obtain such parental consent, we only collect this information. After we obtain Parental Consent to participate in Daddy Saturday Communications, we will collect some of the child’s personal data and allow these children to participate in Daddy Saturday.

We can also collect non-personal data from children. If we connect such non-personal information to personal information, we will treat it as personal information. As detailed in the Privacy Policy, we also use cookies that do not identify children for analytical purposes.

Currently, Daddy Saturday has no interactive user areas or features that allow children to make their personal details accessible to the public (e.g., blogs or public forums). We will update this Children’s Privacy Policy if we ever plan to add functionality that will allow this form of disclosure, inform parents/legal guardians, and obtain parental consent before allowing a child to access such features.

We only gather and use information from children essential for us to make available Daddy Saturday services, for the service’s internal operations, and to assess and enhance our services, whether personally identifiable or not. 

To Whom We Disclose Children’s Information 

We provide Children’s Personal Information only to our trustworthy service providers who have committed to keeping the information secure and who assist us with Daddy Saturday’s internal operations, as otherwise specifically stated in the General Privacy Policy. We never sell any child’s personal information to any third party, and we do not use it for behavioral ads. On Daddy Saturday, however, we may give contextual ads. 

 How we get parents and legal guardians’ Consent 

Before gathering any personal information from a child, we will obtain parental consent (except in certain limited circumstances, as allowed by COPPA). We currently do this using the “email plus” approach: First, we will gather Child Verification/Consent Details from each child who has a User Application and/or wishes to participate in Daddy Saturday Communications with us or to participate in Daddy Saturday. Second, we will send an email to the parent/legal guardian’s email address, including a note of the data we want to gather and how we need to use it, along with a link to provide parental consent. If, within seven (7) days of sending the email, the parent/legal guardian either refuses Parental Consent or fails to respond to our request for Parental Consent, we will automatically delete all the child’s information. Third, if the parent/legal guardian grants Parental Consent to the Child’s subscription, we will send a confirmation email to the parent/legal guardian with information about how they can withdraw their Parental Consent. 

Notes to Parents or legal guardians of 13 and older Minors 

Daddy Saturday encourages parents or legal guardians to participate in using the Internet with their children actively. If your child is thirteen (13) years of age or older but younger than the majority age under the applicable law of the jurisdiction of your primary residence (typically eighteen (18) years of age) and is using the Website or previously registered to receive Daddy Saturday Communications, the child represented and warranted in the Terms of Use that they had permission from their parent/legal guardian to receive Daddy Saturday Communications. Please instruct your child not to access or use the website if this is not the case and contact us at requesting that we no longer send Daddy Saturday Messages to your child and remove their personal details from our records. To take the required steps necessary to complete this request, we will contact you as soon as possible.

PRIVACY POLICY for Alexa skill / Google Assistant 

In connection with the Alexa voice skill, i.e., ‘skill’ or ‘Alexa skill’ / Google Assistant, this Privacy Statement refers to our practices. It’s our priority to protect your private information. The treatment of data gathered and posted on Alexa skills is specified in this Privacy Policy.

Daddy Saturday completely respects your right to privacy (hereinafter referred to as ‘You,” Your,” User’) and would like to secure the personal information you give to the Organization. Without your permission, we will not use or collect any personal details on this Alexa skill/Google Assistant. Any personal details you willingly submit/provide to the Company shall be treated with the highest confidentiality and security standards and shall be used solely for the Company’s services and Alexa Skill / Google Assistant. You consent to the data practices stated in this statement by using the Alexa Skill / Google Assistant.

You agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy by using the Alexa Skills/Google Assistant, and Daddy Saturday reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add and/or delete portions of the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time with immediate effect.

This Privacy Policy does not extend to third-party activities not owned, operated, or managed by Daddy Saturday, including but not limited to any websites, programs, applications, or businesses. Daddy Saturday is not responsible for the content of such third-party providers or their privacy policies. Daddy Saturday recommends that you review the privacy policy of all third-party sites that you use carefully.

If you do not agree with any of this Privacy Policy’s conditions, Alexa or Google Assistant should not be enabled or used. By updating this page, Daddy Saturday can revise, change, add, amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You agree to be bound by any such change, modification, addition, or modification by enabling and/or using this Alexa skill / Google Assistant. 

1) Collection and Use of your Personal Information: 

  • Daddy Saturday can use the personal details you have given to the Company to satisfy your request for some of Daddy Saturday’s services and goods, carry out credit checks in the case of applications, and understand how Daddy Saturday can improve its services for you. If necessary, Daddy Saturday can also use the information for internal research on the demographics, interests, and activities of Daddy Saturday’s users to provide you with the latest news, information, notifications, where Daddy Saturday assumes that you may be interested in the product and/or services of certain associates or third parties of Daddy Saturday. To provide a better user experience, the company could combine personal information collected from you with information from other services or third parties, displaying targeted content and ads, including personalizing content for you. Daddy Saturday requires that its Privacy Policy be complied with where Daddy Saturday employs third parties for support and assistance in the event of Daddy Saturday’s research and analysis being upgraded, product enhancements, feature improvements, bug fixing, and technological progress. Daddy Saturday can also share the details with any third party, for the sake of national security and dignity, under limited circumstances, or by order of any court or competent authority.
  • To help diagnose server issues and manage the Alexa skill/Google Assistant, the Organization can also use your Internet Protocol address and email addresses. You must contact the organization on your behalf at if you do not want your personal details to be shown to the third-party visitor. Please note that any information disclosed in the public areas of this Alexa skill is also made public, and when choosing to post your personal details, you should exercise caution.
  • The primary aim of Daddy Saturday in collecting information from you is to allow you to use the Alexa skill / Google Assistant and various features and services made available on or in connection with the Alexa skill / Google Assistant, application, any website, any service provided by Daddy Saturday, its affiliates, its various service providers or business partners and advertisers. Daddy Saturday may also use your information in connection with Daddy Saturday, subsidiary and associated companies and its joint ventures for news or/and content reviews, transactional emails or to provide you with information, direct marketing, online and offline ads, and other materials relating to goods, services and other offers from time to time. If you do not want your data to be shared, you can decide not to participate in the promotion. Promotions running on the Alexa skill/Google Assistant may be sponsored by or co-sponsored by organizations other than the company. It is possible to share any or all of the data obtained during a promotion with the sponsor.
  • Also, Daddy Saturday further states that the company tracks some traffic data. The Alexa skill / Google Assistant server records some basic technical information any time a visitor comes to the Alexa skill / Google Assistant, such as operating system, computer information, network, the domain name of the visitor, referral data, demographic details, etc. Via the Alexa skill/Google Assistant, Daddy Saturday also processes the visitors’ behavior. All this data is statistical and does not allow the company to identify you in any way or contact you. Daddy Saturday also uses advertising agencies from third parties to serve advertisements while you visit the website. These companies can use information about your visits to this and other websites (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) to provide advertisements about products and services of interest to you. If you would like more information on this activity and would like to know your choices on not letting these companies use this information, kindly contact Daddy Saturday at

2) Compliance with Laws: 

  • By an order under law, the Company cooperates with mandated government and law enforcement agencies or other third parties to administer and comply with the law for the time being in effect. Without your consent, the Company may also report any information about you to the government and law enforcement authorities or private parties if the Company believes, at its sole discretion, that it is necessary or appropriate to respond to legitimate claims and legal procedures to protect the property and rights of the Alexa ability / Google Assistant or a third party. The Organization can also supply different tax authorities with the details upon any notification or request from them.
  • Unfortunately, no data transmissions over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure. The Company can not absolutely guarantee or warrant the confidentiality of the information that you send to the Company over the internet while we aim to secure your personal information, and you do so at your own risk. If the Company has received the transmission, the Company will use its reasonable effort to ensure the Company’s networks are safe & stable. Nothing in this policy is meant to establish a contract or arrangement between the Company and any user that in any way contains identifying information.
  • We will take all necessary measures to comply with this Privacy Policy, but nothing in this Policy is meant to keep the Company accountable for any failure to comply with this Privacy Policy to the degree allowed by law.

3) Your Acceptance of These Terms of Privacy Policy: 

  • You indicate your approval of this Privacy Policy by using this Alexa Skill / Google Assistant. You can not view or use this Alexa Ability / Google Assistant if you do not consent to this Privacy Policy. After the publishing of updates to this Privacy Policy, the continuing use or use of the Alexa skill / Google Assistant will be considered approved by the User for such changes.

4) Contacting Us: 

  • If you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy, this Alexa skill/Google Assistant procedure or your interactions with the Alexa skill/Google Assistant or any of the Alexa skill/Google Assistant functionality or legal requests, please contact Daddy Saturday via email at