Ep 24. Standing Out in Life and Business Through Red Shoes Living with Lonnie Mayne

When Lonnie was just a kid, he remembers hearing the cheers for his pro-wrestling dad rise from the stands. But every time he stepped out of the ring, he’d shake off his Moondog Mayne persona to connect with his fans on a human level. After his father passed away, Lonnie spent his summers traveling with his uncle who was a CEO “turnaround guy” and his personal business mentor. He sat in meetings with him and watched him get the best out of others by treating them like people first and employees or customers second. Over the last few decades, Lonnie has been a technology executive and before that an executive navigating mergers and acquisitions. During the most challenging times, he often asked himself: “How can I turn this noise down and develop the full potential of our people and our organization?” He knew there had to be a more respectful way to have tough conversations, handle company changes, and build team trust and resilience. A more inspired way to get others showing up every day, feeling excited to get to work. A more personalized way to serve customers and stand out from competitors… And he also knew where these changes would have to start: Not with the company, but with the leaders building and inspiring the company culture. To answer all these tough questions, he created a simple, life-changing, and value-driven performance model. It’s called Red Shoes Living and its applications go far beyond the work environment. Listen in on our conversation during Spartan Media Fest as we discuss his role as a father and how Red Shoes Living applies to life, business and parenting.