Ep 19. The KNOW GROW EXIT Approach to Parenting with Cliff Oxford

On this episode, Cliff Oxford shares his personal experience as a “dadpreneur” and his many years of working with countless entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.  The recent launch of his two books, LAMBS (Liberal Arts Majors in Business Society) to Leaders and Know, Grow, Exit – How Entrepreneurs Start and Finish Fast – are a continuation of his unique leadership roles in academia, journalism and real-world entrepreneurship where he started, built and sold two national brands: Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, sold to Advantage Media|Forbes Books in April 2018 and Sti Knowledge, an INC 13 company sold to Mellon Ventures. 

Writing for the NY Times, Forbes and now as a book author, Oxford brings the sunny side, dark side and funny side of what you need to know and how to grow and exit a business, ultimately leveling the playing field for Entrepreneurs in a culture of outside advisors who have their own agenda, putting the Entrepreneur at risk of no reward. Consequently, starting Oxford Center while at Emory he completely reformed the exit process for companies under $100 million dollars, allowing business exits to properly maximize the value for Entrepreneurs and employees of the company.

His method was a chief reason how he built the Oxford Center into a portfolio of over 500 companies and was named Atlanta’s entrepreneur of the year.

Oxford is now founder of CliffCo., an international think tank symposium for a defined 3rd level leadership in living, learning and legacy.